The Conversations in African History & Culture Class that meets weekly in the Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural & Event Center (5309 MLK Blvd., Houston, 77021) is hosting the inaugural Harriet Tubman African Holistic Health & Wellness Fair from 9am – 6pm.

Event coordinator and “Conversations” instructor Baba Fana names the event after the legendary Harriet Tubman because her contributions to free enslaved Blacks was just the tipof the iceberg regarding the things she did to bring healing to Black people.

“Sister Harriet not only served as a conductor for the Underground Railroad, she was a Union soldier and scout who led troops into helping to defeat the treasonous Confederate army,” said Fana. “Everything she did was about brining healing to a people in need.”

It is that need for holistic healing that Fana says inspired Saturday’s event.

“During the craziness of these times, including four years of a white nationalist president, and non-stop mistreatment of Blck people by the criminal justice system and more, we are suffering from multiple stresses and traumas. We need healing mind, body and spirit now more than ever,” Fana shared.

To that point, the fair will offer an array of services and offerings including physical & mental health screenings, wellness & food vendors, and worshops on yoga, tai chi, meditation, and more.

For more information, call 713-256-5740.