Tuesday, I attended the Madison vs. Wisdom girls basketball game, then the Yates Worthing boys basketball game.  Both games were held at Butler.  Madison started out slow but eventually was able to show off their offensive skills.  Wisdom held it close for the opening half of the game, but began to fall apart right before halftime.  Madison would go on to win 65-25.  In the second game, Yates played the game they always play, 32 minutes of full-court pressure.  Worthing struggled with the full-court pressure and never recovered after turning the ball over numerously.  Yates would go on to win 90-48.

Saturday, I traveled to Arlington to watch North Shore vs. Duncanville for the high school state championship.  North Shore hoped to be the only Houston team to come back with a state win, but Duncanville had other plans.  Unlike the previous playoff game, Duncanville held their team penalties to a minimum and capitalized on the defensive side of the ball, limiting North Shore’s running game.  North Shore’s QB was able to scramble in the first half, but in the second half, that option yielded little to no extra yardage.  In the end, North Shore would come up inches short on 4th down, stopping their game-winning drive.  Duncanville would get the ball back with less than a minute left and North Shore with no time outs left, down it and go on to win 28-21.

I’m originally from Kansas. I graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in communication studies. Shortly after moving to Houston in 2007, I began doing photography. I covered cy fair sports...