Gen Z and voting Abobe Stock Images

Despite the surge in young voters, there is still a large percentage who have yet to turn out. We asked some young people how they feel about voting? We asked some Gen-Zers. 

“There has just been so much stuff in my life that I have been focused on, like school, track, and recruiting. I haven’t given voting any thought. My time is filled up by all of that and I will never vote uninformed on politics, so I first have to take the time to learn more.” — Dominic Njoku, 18

“Voting is extremely important and I would love to have a say, but we have weights and practices on voting days. There is no time to go wait in lines and vote and make it to practice and class. I feel like we are set up for failure. “  — Jada Hill, 18

“I know they say every vote counts, but with so much voter suppression going on, it just feels like we’re fighting a losing battle.” — Lauren Wilson, 19

“It’s ironic how millennials won’t vote, but will get on social media and Voice how much they hate our elected officials and leaders, yet they won’t get out to vote when it really matters.”  — Gerard Marc , 22

“Honestly, a big reason I haven’t taken the time to learn about voting and all is that it all just feels so fake and forced. Like when Joe Biden went on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ it’s just weird and it turns me off of politics as a whole.” — Chris Mayfield, 18

“I couldn’t wait to cast my first vote, but I was raised in a family that stressed the importance of voting. I have a lot of friends who could care less. I think it starts at home.” — Alex Mavins, 20

“To be able to vote in my opinion is an act of democracy. By being granted to the right to vote it gives us as citizens to control who we appoint to lead us. Voting is one of the most simple, but impactful rights we as Americans are able to uphold.” — Kristen Williams, 19