Photo Gallery: State of Black Women 2nd Health Forum Evening Session
Defender Under 40 Channel Publishers and Education Reporter Laura Onyeneho standing between Sexual Health panelists Dr. Angela Jones (l) and Dr. Crystal Hadnott (r). Photo by Aswad Walker.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, African American women are three times more likely to die from complications due to pregnancy. They are more apt to be disproportionately burdened by chronic conditions, such as anemia, cardiovascular disease (CVD), and obesity. In fact, experts believe that racial differences in socioeconomic (education and employment) and housing outcomes result in systematic unequal treatment of Black women.

In an effort to combat those disturbing statistics, the Defender, Houston’s Leading Black Information Source, recently hosted the 2nd State of Black Women Health Forum at HISD’s Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy, 1906 Cleburne St., in Houston. The event, held on Wednesday, May 18i, was two-fold with student assemblies in the morning and an adult program beginning with a reception at 5:30 p.m. and a program at 6:30 p.m.

The Evening / Women Session was broken up into three sections: Physical Health (moderator: ReShonda Tate, Defender Network Managing Editor), Mental Health (moderator: Emelda Douglas, Defender Network Chief Development Officer) and Sexual Health (moderator, Laura Onyeneho, Defender Network Under 40 Channel Publisher). The incredible array of panelists for Physical Health included Dr. Lorna McNeill, Dr. Wanda Mott, Dr. Lonzetta Newman and Dr. Charita Littles. The dynamic panelists for Mental Health were Dr. Richelle Whitaker, Dr. Ashley Butler, Dr. Dana Billups Bradely and Ms. Karissa Harris. The phenomenal women who took the Sexual Health panel by storm included Dr. Alauna Cuury, Dr. Crystal Hadnot, Dr. Angela Jones and Dr. Janice Beal.

Here are some photos from the evening session with women from all walks of life.

  • Photo Gallery: State of Black Women 2nd Health Forum Evening Session

*All photos by Aswad Walker

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