The Spring ISD Child Nutrition Department has been steadily adding more elementary schools to its Breakfast in the Classroom (BIC) program this semester and will continue to add schools with the expectation that all elementary schools will be participating by the end of May.

“We recognize that weekday mornings are often busy, and it is sometimes difficult to find time for breakfast even with the best intentions. As the most important meal of the day, we have seen that students who take advantage of the BIC program often see improved academic performance, better behavior and increased school attendance,” said Shelly Copeland, child nutrition director.

The BIC program provides students the opportunity to start their day with a free, healthy and balanced meal. Breakfast is served to students in their classroom or the hallway. Students have access to both cold and hot breakfast foods that include healthy protein and grain items, fresh fruit and low-fat milk. They have the option to select which food items they take and participation is not mandatory.

Copeland said the district has been able to expand the program due to grants from the American Association of School Administrators, Dairy Max and Fuel Up to Play 60. The additional funds have been used to purchase equipment, including racks and pans for delivering the meals to the classrooms as well as digital  tablets and hand-held scanners for cashiers to use when swiping student meal cards. 

“Although breakfast is free to all students in Spring ISD, every meal has to be accounted for,” Copeland said.

Copeland wants parents to know that the BIC program will continue next school year as well. “We are committed to offering this service to our students and believe it will help them be more successful both academically and socially,” Copeland said.

Breakfast in the Classroom is a collaborative effort between school administrators, faculty and staff, district operations personnel and child nutrition. For more information about the program and Spring ISD Child Nutrition, contact the Child Nutrition Department at 281-891-6445 or Visit to see upcoming menus, make online payments and learn more about the meal programs offered across the district.

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