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Dr. Lesia Crumpton-Young, TSU's 13th president, is flanked by members of TSU regents during the June 17, 2021 reception. Photo by Aswad Walker.

Texas Southern University’s new president has landed.

Dr. Lesia L. Crumpton-Young was oficially confirmed as TSU’s 13th president by the school’s Board of Regents recently. Immediately following that confirmation, Crumpton-Young was presented to the public in a reception / press conference which took place in the TSU Library Learning Center.

Crumpton-Young takes over the helm of the second largest HBCU in the country as the nation emerges from a waning global pandemic and wrestles with issues like voter suppression, police killings of unarmed Blacks and attacks on Black History and Black perspectives under the guise of objections to Critical Race Theory.

Crumpton-Young previously served as Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at Morgan State University in Maryland since 2019. She will replace TSU’s outgoing interim president, Kenneth Huewitt, who has manned that position since April 2020.

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Crumpton-Young certainly won the eyes and hearts of the presidential search committee that deemed Crumpton-Young the right choice out of nearly 40 candidates, being named the sole finalist for the position in May. She also won over individuals in attendance at the press conference with her infectious energy. TSU supporters certainly hope Crumpton-Young wins, as well, at keeping the promises she made and shared during her formal introduction to the TSU and Greater Houston communities.

Here is President Crumpton-Young in her own words:


“I assure you, this will be an era of transformation.”


“Our efforts will guarantee that our students have marketability and career vitality. And it wil ensure that we will raise the university’s reputation and brand so that our degrees will matter the most to those who hold those degrees. I promise you, I will work tirelessly to prepare our students for the careers of the future, not simply the jobs of today.”

“And corporate partners, we will ensure that together we produce that workforce that’s needed to ensure your competitiveness.”


“I will enhance our presence and our working relationships with business and industry. And I will serve as a president that will ensure that this university continues to serve as a beacon of light for the community where we reside.”


“We will engage in research that responds to the needs of urban America. We will make sure that our research responds to the grand challenges that continue to plague our communities. We will eradicate health disparities. We will eradicate poverty inequities. We will work on the type of research that matters in advancing the individuals in urban America who have always supported our institution. We will serve the under-served. And we will serve them in ways they have never been served. And that, I guarantee you as your 13th president.”


“We are going to create an educational environment that will be second to none. Our educational environment will be second to none and our graduates will be prepared to compete anywhere, any time, with any other graduates.”


“I am a proud Texan, reared by a proud Texas family and taught by a proud Texas grandmother who said there shall be no problem that we will not address. There shall be no issue that we willnot solve.”


“I will be a president that takes information and input from my students. I will take information, input and ideas from my faculty. I will listen to ideas, input and strategies put forward from my staff. And yes, I will hear what my alumni feel that we should be working on, as well. And then the community, my door will always be open to listen to your thoughts of what we need to do here.”


“Many of you have read my background. You know I am a proud graduate of Texas A&M and we Aggies can be quite competitive. So, I have one request. I need you to join me in spreading the news that this is our time of transformation at Texas Southern University. And we are going to work collectively to achieve unprecedented success and accelerated pace. We’re coming for you, any other HBCU.”

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