Apple’s new iOS 16 update allows users to customize their Memoji with different hairstyles and headwear, and that include the option to add a bonnet, like the one some Black women wear, to their cute animated characters.

Apple’s nod to Black culture sent social media spiraling with mixed and passionate reactions.

What people are saying…

What happen to our self respect? No different than walking out the door in pajamas. WOMEN, our young adults are products of who we are and how men sees us, if we don’t respect ourselves in public best believe no one will and neither will our Black men. We can NOT have our young girls fall into this trap to belittle us more than we already are, They already think we are the only race who don’t care about anything that happen to do with us

Marlayna White

“How is it any worse than a scarf OR hat? I’m totally ok with people wearing bonnets wherever they feel like wearing them.” – J Rochelle Elder

“There is nothing about a bonnet that needs to be seen.” – Kim Topps

“Many Black women wear bonnets as a hair care tool. When did it become shameful or something stereotypical? Did I miss something?” – Tameka Mullins

“That mess is ghetto. If your hair isn’t done stay home.” – Ina Stovall

“They mock us, and we give them the power.” – Marlayna White

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