The Jan. 6 insurrection/coup hearings have been explosive, to say the least. Even seasoned reporters and media personalities who live and breathe politics on a daily basis, and who believed they knew all about armed Trump supporters’ violent attempt to stop the certification of the 2020 presidential election, have been shocked by details the hearings have revealed.

The hearings, for many, have raised even more questions, one of them being, “Will those who organized, supported, participated in and financed the Jan. 6 insurrection actually be held accountable? For that, we will all have to stay tuned, as the hearings are not over yet.

But that reality hasn’t stopped you, our faithful Defender readers and website visitors, from sharing your thoughts on the proceedings thus far. Below is a sampling of what you had to say:

“Republicans won’t care even if you got Trump on video saying, ‘I’m stealing the election.’ I hope some charges come out of it and/or prevent him from running again. Let me repeat: several police officers died during Jan. 6 and after. They don’t really back the blue. They say it only to spit on Black folks.”

(Claude Cannady)

“I have been following closely. The criminality of it and the direct link to Trump are obvious. That said, I think he will completely get away with it, Dems will lose the midterms, and there will be a GOP POTUS in 2024, likely [Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis].”

(PN Kells)

“This was an attempted coup led by the president of the United States! This was straight up treason! I am just curious if we will have the courage as a nation to deal with it as such! The committee is laying the evidence out as plain as can be. I’m watching, and of course I am voting!”

(Ingrid Traylor-Williams)

“The insurrection itself was white-on-white crime. They would have only needed 2% of this evidence to convict Barack. Why this mountain of evidence and still no conviction of Trump?!?!”

(Keith Strong)

“Lock him up!”

(Danyahel Norris, Harris Co. Dept. of Education trustee)

“Block-busting eye-opener, but not surprising when you consider the source and promoter of the January 6th unrest: criminal/liar-in/chief Donald M. Trump!”

(State Rep. Jolanda Jones)

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