Age: 25

Occupation: CPT/ Seiani (Fitness brand) / Touched By Trilla (Faux loc Hair business)

Motto: “ When you look good you feel good”!

Unknown facts: “One interesting fact is that I’m a neat freak and feel like life is so much better when everything is organized. Another interesting fact is that I’m very spontaneous, I moved from California to Texas after visiting Texas one time for 2 days”.

Fitness start: “Before I got into fitness I would always bounce between 105lbs-117lbs but was never able to get past 117lbs. I was very insecure about my weight and in 2016 I finally decided to take it seriously and actually try to change it. After working on my own body goals for a while I developed a true passion for fitness and never looked back”.

Fitness advice: ” Set small goals for the week, write everything down, have a plan, and stay consistent. Set a goal based on what you want for yourself personally & always remember to be realistic, stay patient, be consistent and you will be just fine!”.

My fitness goal: “My current personal fitness goal is to continue gaining until I reach my desired look”.

Top 3 fitness tips:

  • When you’re setting body goals avoid using other people’s photos as a reference to what you would like to look like. You never know what you’re comparing yourself to & what 140lbs looks like on someone else may not look the same way on you
  • Focus on taking things one day at a time instead of thinking about where you want to be 6 months from now. What you do every day determines where you’ll be 6 months from now so keep that in mind!
  • Be patient and don’t expect life-changing results in just one week, your time will come as long as you stay focused & consistent.

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