Texans' Jonathan Owens stands by boo Simone Biles through Olympic ups, downs
Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles. Photo courtesy of Simone Biles' Instagram.

While the nation was anxiously awaiting the return of the world’s most decorated gymnast Simone Biles on Thursday, there was one person who was a little excited to see her.

The person was none other than Texans safety Jonathan Owens aka Biles’ boyfriend.

“I can’t wait to see her,” Owens following the Texans’ practice Thursday morning.  “She’s coming in from the Today show, that she did earlier this morning. So I’ll see her later.”

Biles and Owens have become quite the couple in recent years. So it was admittedly difficult to watch Biles from afar go through so much during this Tokyo Olympics where she withdrew from the all-competition as well as the floor and uneven bars event finals and individual vault due to mental concerns after entering this summer’s Olympics amid high expectations of adding to her gold medal collection. Biles did return to finish with a bronze medal on the balance beam this week.

Owens said he could see from his television set that Biles was struggling. Despite the 14-hour time difference, watched her competitions and made sure to call Biles each night before she went to sleep.

“I know her facial expressions,” Owens said. “I could kind of read her lips to know what was going on and what she was telling her coach, and I kind of already knew what was going on before hand. So, I was just really hoping that she was kind of going to get over it and be able to go out there and perform. So, I was sick to my stomach just because she wasn’t able to go out there.”

Owens said he was proud of how Biles handled everything and especially how she bounced back in the balance beam to finish with her record seventh career medal. Biles took a stand for mental health and showed that her mental health was worth far more than any medal.

“Very proud,” he said. “Just showing that there is times where you need to put yourself first, especially if it’s a danger to your health, if you’re going to go out there and kind of perform for everybody else, you know what I mean?

“I was so proud of her that she put herself first because she could have really got herself hurt if she’s going out there and kind of don’t know where she is in the air and how difficult everything she does. I was really proud of her and glad that she made that decision.”

Owens supported Biles while also keeping his mind on his task at hand, which is getting better during the Texans training camp.

“When I get out here, I’m in football mode, man. It’s those outside things,” Owens said. “I kind of focus on this. This is my career, you know what I mean? Once I got done, I checked on her seeing how everything was. Kind of when I come out here, though, I try to focus and have tunnel vision on what I have to have going on. If you’re not mentally all here when you’re out there on that field, you can get yourself hurt.”