David Brady, the CEO of the Red Cross Texas Gulf Coast Region has officially resigned.

Brady confirmed his resignation to KHOU 11 News Saturday afternoon. He was named CEO of the region in April after serving as Executive Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Strategic Implementation and Interim CEO of the Houston Zoo.

Brady explained his resignation in a Facebook post posted on Friday. In the post he said it became a daily struggle to serve both the national organization and fellow Texans in the community. He said he found himself in disagreement too often with decisions that were being made in regards to Hurricane Harvey recovery.

The following is the text from the post he shared on Facebook:

“So today was my last day at the Red Cross. I resigned recently and packed things up today. I had been struggling the past few weeks in my role as CEO of the Texas Gulf Coast Region. I believe passionately in the mission and the staff and volunteers that work hard in the community every day to serve our neighbors and the mission. They are amazing!

My challenge was a daily struggle to do what is best and serve the national organization that pays my salary and doing what is best and serving my fellow Texans and this community I love so much.

I found myself in disagreement too often with decisions that were being made as it related to Hurricane Harvey recovery. My focus is always going to do what is best for Texas and that may not have always been in concert with the national organization. It is not fair to the organization to have a leader in this role that is filled with that much doubt. And it was not fair to me or my family to work where I am not happy and do not feel valued.

In the past two months, I have done everything possible to push the organization to do the right thing in our community. Most of the negative news about the Red Cross was either wrong or just fake. The Red Cross, mostly workers and volunteers on the ground in Texas did and continue to do amazing work. 

Over 400,000 shelter nights for our neighbors, over 4.5 million meals and snacks served, millions of supplies handed out and so much more. Over $200 million distributed already and more to come! I believe in the mission and love the staff and volunteers that work hard every day in Texas to accomplish so much. 

Whatever my next professional role is, the focus will be local. I’m confident and excited about what the future holds. 

For now, for the first time in almost 30 years…I don’t have a job. Need your yard mowed?”

KHOU 11 News reached out to the Red Cross for a statement on Brady’s resignation. The organization confirmed the news to us Saturday afternoon said they are grateful for his contributions over the past several months.

The Red Cross sent us the following statement:

“We can confirm that David Brady has resigned from the American Red Cross, and we are grateful for his contributions to the Texas Gulf Coast region over the past several months. The essential work of supporting those families affected by Hurricane Harvey will continue just as before, as will our focus on supporting long-term recovery efforts as the emergency phase of our work in Texas ends. 

As always, we will continue our work alongside community, government, and local partners to provide recovery support for households whose homes were destroyed or suffered major damage and need extra help, including providing additional financial assistance. 

The Red Cross has been on the ground in Texas since before Hurricane Harvey struck, and we will be there in the months to come, helping those affected to recover, and helping residents to build more resilient communities for the future.”

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