Who is Nicole Hudson?

Age: 47

Occupation: Owner of meal prep company, Conscious Eatz

Education: Texas State University

Major: Business

Motto: Want for your sister and brother what you want for yourself.

Unknown facts: “I have to listen to 70s R&B music while I do cardio. It relaxes me. I also love fried vegetables.”

Fitness start: “I’ve always been an ‘athlete’. I ran track and went to college on a track scholarship, so I’ve always been active. Just three years ago, I decided to take my fitness journey to another level. I trained and competed in my first body building competition.”

Fitness goal: “My top fitness goal is to stay consistent as long as my body will allow me.”

Fitness advice: “Set realistic goals. Get with like-minded people that have the same or similar goals as you. Join a gym. It is harder to work out online. Having a fitness partner will help hold you accountable.”

Social Media:

IG: @Mz_NicoleX
IG: @consciouseatz
Facebook: @NicoleXRunner

Nutrition: Nothing beats a proper diet.

“For snacks, I enjoy No Cow bars, ONE protein bars, baked CHEETOS® and anything chocolate.”

Nicole’s typical meals:
Breakfast: Two rice cakes with sunflower butter and banana slices
Lunch: Chicken breast with jasmine rice and Brussels sprouts
Dinner: White fish such as cod with spinach

Physical: Cardio and proper diet work together.

“I must say that my most effective fitness activity is cardio and a proper diet. I’ve learned that I don’t need a lot of cardio to reach my goals, but I do need a proper diet.

“Following the COVID-19 quarantine, I am now back in the gym. It’s been about five weeks, but thank God for muscle memory. It’s been a crazy transition and things are not even close to being back to normal, but I’m embracing the change.”

Mental: I plan my days.

“I create a schedule around my training and don’t allow anything to interfere. The gym is my peace. It’s a stress reliever for me.”

Spiritual: I am nothing without a higher power.

“I could not do and/or maintain the things I do daily without spiritual strength and guidance. I am extremely blessed, and I do not take any of this for granted.

“Also, I’m driven by the fact that God has put me in a position to inspire and help people meet their fitness goals. I love what I do.”