A Houston man wanted for allegedly filing fake divorce papers turned himself in Monday morning.

Paul Nixon, 51, appeared in Harris County Criminal Court with his attorney and his new wife. 

The Houston DJ told KPRC2 reporter Taisha Walker that he did not forge the signature on his wife, Edna, in order to obtain a divorce last May.

“I’m not guilty and I want everybody in Houston to know, that knows me, I wouldn’t do this,” Nixon said. “So we’re going to let the courts do their job and I trust the courts that they’re going to see the proof and evidence that we have.”

Nixon is a Houston disk jockey who goes by the name DJ U-Shay. Nixon’s attorney, Chaunte Sterling, said Nixon was in Georgia for work when he learned of the charge. 

“He’s a legend here. He’s a legendary DJ here in Houston. He was actually on tour when he started receiving multiple phone calls, texts about this matter. Got on the first flight here, came out and we approached today for a bond,” said Sterling, who is with the Law Office of Chaunte Sterling.

What happened

Nixon’s wife, Edna, told Harris County Precinct 4 deputies he filed for divorce without her knowledge or consent. She told Walker that her husband of four years is a con artist and she believed he forged her signature on the divorce documents.

“I never knew that we were headed toward a divorce. He was living a double life,” Edna said. “He posted in May (on Facebook) that he married a pastor.”

She said that, during a heated argument, Nixon told her he had filed for divorce. She said she was perplexed about how that was possible without her signature, so said she contacted deputies to see if the paperwork had been filed. 

“He forged my signature, stating that I lived in a location I never heard of as well as my phone number,” she said. “That’s why I was never notified by the court.”

Edna claims Nixon also listed zero assets on the divorce decree but left her with debt.

“He left with thousands of dollars of debt, things in my name, DJ equipment,’ she said. “He has stolen from me.”

She said she now wants a divorce and will happily sign divorce papers if they are presented to her.

What’s next

Nixon’s attorney was able to ask a judge to change his zero bond to a $25,000 bond. The request was granted on Monday. Nixon is due back in court in November.

The court had previously set aside the final judgment due to the falsified documents, making him still legally married to Edna. Nixon insists Edna is his ex-wife, since he remarried. 

“You can get married to anybody you want to once you are divorced and I was divorced,” he said. “I was granted a divorce or we wouldn’t be able to get married.”