Jared Fremin knows what it’s like to be the last line of defense. A former defensive back at McMurry University, Fremin transferred to Prairie View A&M University in the fall of 2019 to join the university’s nursing program. Since then, he has served as a mentor for his peers and a supporter of their mental well-being.

Now, Fremin is moving from defense to offense, looking to help fill the gap in the national nursing shortage.

“I currently have more than five job offers,” Fremin said. “I submitted my application and was given interviews for all these positions and heard back from every one of them with an offer.”

Graduating from PVAMU this spring with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Fremin is pursuing a role as an emergency room nurse.

Jared Fremin Photo: PVAMU

Commended by peers and professors for his responsiveness and quick action in the clinical setting, Fremin’s eventual goal is to become an ER or trauma unit nurse practitioner and open his own clinic. College of Nursing faculty describes him as “respectful to his peers, faculty and to nursing staff and patients in clinical settings.”

“I feel as though my fast-thinking skillset with self-discipline and knowledge in critical care would allow me to be one of the best NPs in the nation,” said Fremin.

Earning Titles, Changing Lives

When Fremin arrived at PVAMU, he eagerly began his academic nursing career, joining the Prairie View Student Nurse Association. In that same semester, his peers voted him Mr. PVSNA. In Fall 2021, fellow nursing students bestowed upon him the title Mr. College of Nursing after Fremin participated as a volunteer in the spring COVID-19 vaccine drive on campus.

This past semester, he served as a peer reviewer on appeal panels and as a lead PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) in the College of Nursing peer tutoring program. Fremin also served as a member of the National Student Nurse Association, as well as PVSNA and CTC (Creating the Crown) at PVAMU.

Fremin said his involvement in all these organizations gave him the opportunity “to connect with way more people on campus and get more involved outside of the classroom.”

Jared Fremin Photo: PVAMU

Fremin Calls an Audible

Fremin excelled on the field and in the classroom at McMurry University, so it was no surprise when he looked to continue that success at PVAMU, which would be sort of a homecoming for the Tomball Memorial High School graduate.

“I wanted to attend PV for the nursing program, but I was not aware at the time that the nursing campus was separate from the main campus,” Fremin said. “I didn’t think I would have to make that tough decision to hang up the cleats.”

Recognized for his prowess on the field while playing for Tomball Memorial—and being selected to the all-district team—Fremin also experienced academic success from a young age, earning a spot as an academic all-state honoree. The decision to leave football and hit the books full time may have been tough, but he recognized the value of a degree from PVAMU.

“What I love most about PV is the weight it carries outside of its campus,” said Fremin. “It is recognized on national levels in many different degrees that the school offers. Prairie View offers that family-like environment that is very difficult to find at any other school. Through social events, and even outside of the campus, everybody seems to know everybody. It’s almost always like a family function.”

Having transferred to PVAMU just prior to the COVID shutdown, Fremin said he took part in only one “unforgettable” homecoming. “I can’t wait to come back as an alum this year and experience it again,” he said.

Advice to Current Students

Fremin can boast many achievements, including three years on the Dean’s list. His primary bit of advice for other students is to actively pursue college’s pleasures while always keeping an eye on the end goal.

“Enjoy your time in college because it will literally be over before you know it,” Fremin said. “Check on your friends and try to make new ones while you are up here.

“Mental health is one of the most neglected and swept-under-the-rug topics on all college campuses. Being there for each other makes the experience and hardships of life that much easier when progressing toward what we all want to eventually do: graduate.”

Fremin said it’s important to maintain your GPA and focus on your future so that one can set themselves up for the best possible life and graduate.

“I did a complete 180 when I got to nursing school,” said Fremin, “and now I am a household name on the nursing campus and hold my image up there in high regard. If you’re reading this, you should know that you can accomplish anything at this school if you take the time and set a plan to get there.”