We made it! It’s 2022. New Year, lots of the same B.S. with a different name — I’m looking at you omicron.

Pre 2020, this time of year a lot of us would be renewing our gym memberships, gearing up to learn a new language, and setting some money goals. We would be making plans to improve our lives. This year? I’d say we’re a bit distracted by a global pandemic and I’m here to tell you that’s OK.

Achievement and accomplishments can chill for a minute. We’re tired. And when you’re mentally, spiritually, and physically tired, it’s not the best time for goal setting. Let’s be easy on ourselves. May I offer an alternative? 

Here’s what I propose. It does require some reflection, but no pressure. Let’s look at a few things we can do to lessen the expectation to perform or achieve this year. Here’s what we can focus on instead.

1. Ask yourself, what are you hoping for in 2022? I’m not asking what you are looking to achieve. What are you hoping for? The definition of hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. It’s easy to feel cynical about our future with all the negative messages flying at us. So, let’s counter that with hope. What can we set our minds to that bends toward hope?

For example, I’m hopeful in 2022 my family will remain healthy and strong. Whenever I hear otherwise, I will remind myself what I’m believing for my family. 

2. Focus on being not doing: We are a busy culture. We do THE MOST. What does simply being look like to you? When all the responsibilities are stripped away, what are you like in your most natural state? When I’m simply being, I’m relaxing with my kids and husband.

What does being look like for you? Make space for that in 2022.

3. Anchor yourself to purpose. Whatever that looks like to you. Knowing my purpose has really put the rest of my life in perspective. I know where I came from, who created me, and why. I’m a daughter of God created to be loved and love my creator. No matter what happens to me, or what circumstance challenges me, that’s where my purpose comes in. I instantly anchor myself to my purpose statement when life tries to dictate my worth.

Now’s a good time to anchor yourself to something that’s real to you. Your truth. What is it? Have you ever thought about your purpose?

4Laugh more: Joy is medicine for the soul. Be around people who make you laugh this year. That may mean you gotta call somebody! To all my introverts I promise you when you’re done with the conversation you’ll feel better. Read and watch things that put a smile on your face. More of that in 2022.

5. Watch what you watch: Be mindful of what kind of content you take in, especially in the next few months. As a former TV journalist, I take this one really seriously because I know how harmful it is to take in negative news and stories all the time. Sometimes you’ve gotta turn the news off. Stay informed but don’t dwell and hang around the negative news. It changes the way you think, feel and act.

I’m not worried about you accomplishing things in 2022. You’ll do that just fine. My hope is that you’ll enjoy the simple things in life like never before. Happy New Year, friend.