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Spring ISD’s Family and Community Engagement Department is hosting its annual Boys’ Empowerment and Leadership Youth Summit on Saturday, April 22.

The Boys’ Empowerment and Leadership Summit will address social, emotional and academic needs, and will feature conversations about self-esteem, friendship, and relationships, as well as college and career advice and etiquette. There will also be entertainment, giveaways, food and more.

“I’ve already signed up my son for this event,” Delbert Jones said. “He and his little crew need this kind of positivity to back up what we teach them at home.”

The event is free to attend for all Spring ISD middle and high school students, though registration is required. The event will take place at Dekaney High School, at 22351 Imperial Valley Drive, 77073, on Saturday, April 22, from 7:45 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Interested students can register online or call (281) 891-6060 with questions.

Spring ISD staff members interested in participating in the event can also register online to volunteer.

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