Montgomery Heart and Wellness: radically changing the health game
Dr. Baxter Montgomery, founder of Montgomery Heart and Wellness Center.

Dr. Baxter Montgomery, a board-certified cardiologist, practicing cardiac electrophysiologist and practicing internist with 25 years of experience in private practice, believes society’s over-reliance upon prescriptions and medical procedures is literally killing us.

Thus, he has committed much of his practice to offering a more holistic approach to health and wellness.

“What I’ve noticed in my years of practicing here in Houston is that sickness has become the norm,” said Montgomery. “If you look at the data, about six out of 10 people have chronic illnesses and are on prescription medications. If you add over-the-counter medications to that regimen, you’re probably dealing with 70% or more.”

Montgomery says he’s seeing more young adults between 20-40-yrs-old with chronic illnesses such as Type-2 Diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart failure and heart disease. He contends standard medical treatment (pills, procedures, surgeries) may provide temporary relief, but don’t confront the underlying problems: poor dietary lifestyle, lack of exercise, lack of fresh air, lack of sunshine.

Montgomery started prescribing these “therapies” (exercise, nutritional regiments, dietary detoxes, etc.) and was so amazed by the results, that he developed a comprehensive program called “Heart and Soul of a Champion,” an integrative approach that’s “helped patients reverse chronic illness in a more natural way to reduce the reliance on prescription medication, reduce the requirements for medical procedures and surgeries, and get patients in a position where they are empowered to maintain optimal health.”

“Essentially what we’re doing is, over the last two years, we’ve made a significant change in our way of practicing. I’ve been in private practice for 25 years, but for the last nearly two decades, we have applied an aggressive lifestyle approach to our practice.

The doctor’s Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center will host a four-day open house Oct. 19 through Oct. 22 to introduce the Houston community to its programs and premiere the “Heart and Soul of a Champion” docuseries that follows former pro athletes who used Montgomery’s system.

“Recently, I contacted some retired professional athletes from different sports, the NFL and world-class track and field. And I brought a group and put them through our new detox program. We had them on a nutritional regimen, a raw detox, plant-based diet, various therapies. We started workouts out at Tom Bass Park running hills in the heat of the sun. We did some two-a-days. I took them through that regimen for about five weeks, and we saw some amazing results.

“We actually brought a film crew in to document that. And that is the birth of our docuseries, ‘Heart and Soul of a Champion.’ So, what we plan to do is, as we bring individuals through our program, we’re going to have them tell their stories. Season one is going to be the Athletes Edition. Season two we’ve already started working on, and that will be chronic illness in women. So, we’re going to have people document their stories as we have season after season that we’ll put out on different platforms.”

Montgomery’s hope is to normalize these aggressive lifestyle changes and interventions in the heart and souls of individuals.

“So, if someone has congestive heart failure or multi vessels, coronary disease or diabetes, there are a lot of commercials that talk about ‘this medication’ or ‘this surgery or this procedure,’ but there’s little information out there about this aggressive detox program or this nutritional regimen that can turn this around.,” said Montgomery, who is anxious to get this information out.

“In the nearly two decades I’ve done this, I’ve seen amazing results, and I have the unique perspective of having practiced for over a quarter century in the world’s largest medical center. This approach, our integrative lifestyle approach, juxtaposed with the greatest technology we have in medicine on the planet. And I know that this integrative lifestyle approach is far superior. So, we [Black people] need to know that. And this needs to be put right in our faces on a regular basis. That’s our goal.”

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