Smart’n Up Black Male Summit is back this Saturday

The “Smart’n Up” Black Male Summit, the event that occurs twice a year, is back.

Local activist Deric Muhammad founded the event that is a community-based motivational and educational summit designed to address the unique needs of Black men and boys.

“This is an opportunity to expose young Black males to empowering information, positive role models, potential mentors and critical resources to help them survive and succeed in an adverse society,” said Muhammad.

“We do not sugar coat our subject matter at the Black Male Summit. Our message is strong. Our workshops include presentations about Entrepreneurship, Building Confidence, Stop the Violence, among other critical topics.”

Muhammad says the target age group of the event is 12 years and older. However, anyone (including women) is welcome to attend.

Asked what was one of the things he was most excited about happening during this Saturday’s Summit, Muhammad mentioned Smart’n Up alumni.

Reginald “OG-1” Gordon, Pastor Jamail Johnson (The Word Church) and others, will join Muhammad as presenters, including some Black Male Summit alumni.

“These [alumni] are young men who sat on the front row at the Black Male Summit in middle school and high school, and now these brothers have graduated from college, they’re moving on into their careers, and they’re coming back to make presentations,” added Muhammad, who started the summit in 2010. “I’m very excited to hear that because it shows the growth of our efforts.

The summit takes place twice a year in Houston, but has also taken its act on the road, with summits help in Miami annually, as well as other places.

“We’ve been in Austin. We’ve been in New Orleans, and many other cities. And we’re getting calls everyday to come to Chicago, to come to Detroit, to come to St. Louis. And, we’ll get around to those cities, but you know what they say: home is where the heart is. We’ve got so many problems in our backyard that we’ll continue to serve the population of Black boys here in Houston until our dying, God willing.”

The summit will take place Saturday, July 9 starting at 1pm, and will be held at St. John’s Downtown (2019 Crawford).