If you don’t spring out of bed with pep in your step every morning, you are not alone. Being a morning person doesn’t come naturally to most people, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t change your habits to become one yourself.

Get Ample Sleep

Waking up early to enjoy the morning requires ample sleep. Adults ages 26 to 64 should get seven to nine hours of sleep every night for optimal rest, according to research conducted by the National Sleep Foundation. For many people, especially if you work long hours or have kids, this is easier said than done.

Help yourself stay on track and get plenty of sleep each night by developing a bedtime schedule and sticking to it. Start preparing to go to bed up to an hour before actually climbing under the covers so you have plenty of time to do everything you need to tie up any loose ends and start the day fresh in the morning.

If you need a little extra time to wind down before turning out the lights, allot 30 minutes to read in bed. Reading provides a great opportunity for escape and reflection so you can let go of the day’s events and quiet your mind to prepare for sleep. Avoid using an e-reader or any other electronic devices in bed, as the bright screens can make it difficult for your brain to switch gears.

Rise With the Sun

Flooding your room with natural light in the morning is an effective strategy to ease your brain out of sleep mode and into a well-rested awake state. Open your blinds before bed so you can enjoy a gradual transition to wakefulness every morning.

If you need to wake up earlier than the sun or simply don’t get much morning light in your room in the morning, consider using a special auto-timer lighting system or alarm clock to mimic the effects of the sun rising. Philips makes a product called the Wake-up Light, which uses a sunrise simulation and gentle sounds to rouse you.

Jump Right into Your Day

While some like to lie in bed checking email and their Instagram feed before tossing away the covers and rising from bed, resist this bad habit of procrastination. Instead, have a glass of water ready at your bedside table and drink it all right away to help replenish your hydration after all of those hours without water. Mild dehydration causes sluggishness and, when it occurs in the morning, can be mistaken for tiredness.

After downing a tall glass of water, head to the bathroom to splash some water on your face and brush your teeth.

Fuel Up

Don’t delay the satisfaction of enjoying your favorite morning beverage until you’re on your way into the office. Instead, step up your coffee brewing game at home to help save time and money. Invest in a capsule espresso maker and milk frother by Nespresso and you can quit your Starbucks habit and enjoy a perfect latte every morning so you can maximize your productivity by getting your caffeine jolt faster.

After you’ve had some coffee, get to making a protein-rich breakfast to ensure you have plenty of energy for the busy day ahead. Not only will a protein-packed breakfast fuel your morning, but it will also help you feel longer, help promote weight management and reduce mindless snacking.

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