Chauncy Glover and Melanie Lawson
Chauncy Glover and Melanie Lawson

“Look who’s back!” exclaimed ABC13 anchor Melanie Lawson in a social media post, welcoming back a fellow anchor who had been off the air for an extended amount of time.

Chauncy Glover, the popular local news anchor who has been gone for local airwaves for months, is now back. And Houstonians couldn’t be happier.

After being off the air for nearly four months on a medical leave, Glover, an ABC13 anchor, announced via social media his official return to the news broadcast Monday.

“Glad to be back!” served as the caption of Glover’s 20-second Facebook clip that featured him and Moreno at their studio anchor desk. “Thanks for all the well wishes fam. Love y’all for real. God is good!”

Glover’s co-anchor Mayra Moreno even joined him in the announcement, while iconic ABC13 anchor Melanie Lawson also joined in on the celebration, posting a photo of her hugging Glover. 

After being absent from the airwaves for weeks, ABC13 viewers began to inquire about Glover and his well-being. In October 2022, Glover, an Athena, Alabama native and three-time Emmy award-winning journalist, responded, explaining to viewers via social media that he would be taking some time away to deal with some medical and family issues, posting:

“Hi Friends—
I appreciate all the inquiries over the past few days. I want everyone to know that I’m taking some time away to deal with some medical and family issues. Thanks for the concern. Nobody is more anxious to get back to work at ABC13 and on your TV screen than me. I promise to come back better and stronger. See everyone soon -CG

Immediately upon receiving word of Glover’s return to the Houston airwaves, the love came pouring in on social media with posts exclaiming viewers’ joy about having him once again grace their news broadcasts.