This week’s journey takes place in London.  I decided to take my camera with me and focus on four areas, cars, events, food, and shopping.  This would be my first stay in Europe and it was definitely a surprise.  I decided to take the first day of my journey and get familiar with the city.  Hopping on and off buses allowed me to cover a large part of London in a short amount of time.  I expected to see a few nice cars, however, I did not expect to see the plethora of Rolls Royce Phantoms or Bentleys that adored the streets so casually.  I had to ask the bus driver, “Are these cars more affordable here?”  He responded, “The Saudis have a lot of money they like to spend.”

Thursday, I toured Westminster Abbey.  I had no clue as to why so many wanted to tour this establishment, but I quickly found out that not only is this still a functioning church, but this is the final resting place of 30 kings and queens.  Passing back to the hotel I saw a skatepark filled with art where skaters showed off their skills. 

Friday, I toured Buckingham Palace, saw the changing of the guards, and saw the Royal Mews.  Buckingham is where the Queen is known to conduct business.  Later that evening I toured London Tower Bridge, which is adjacent to the London Bridge.  The Tower Bridge is more pleasant on the eye, is taller, and has a glass bottom to see below.  Friday, I rode a boat past Parliament and Big Ben and made my way towards St. Paul’s Cathedral.  This church also was adorned with great architecture.  The Sky Garden was next on my list as I was able to get a view of London from up high.  Saturday, I caught a bus and rode 1 hour and 30 minutes to Windsor Castle, and then from there, I traveled another hour to view Stonehenge.  One word to describe Stonehenge, amazing!  This place is in the middle of nowhere, only fields of hay.  It makes you wonder, how did these stones get here?  Sunday I took a full day to tour the London Museum as it was broken into sections that honored various time periods dedicated to history.  I started in Egypt and made my way through the museum.

I expected to be shocked by the difference in foods, however, I found more similarities than differences.  I had a ribeye steak, spaghetti, chicken and waffles, baked wings, fresh fish, and fresh fruit.  Oh and the biggest chicken club sandwich I’ve seen in a while.

With shopping, I noticed they had a few shoe stores that were only found on the West Coast.  Their shoe stores also had conveyer deliveries where you call in your order and they delivered your shoe to you from the conveyer belt instead of having to wait for the salesperson to go to the back and get your size.  And Most of their high-end fashion lines carried a lot of styles that had yet to hit the United States market.