Viewers had a lot to say about the calls for a boycott against The Woman King movie

“They will always boycott things that put us in a powerful or positive light.” – Maggie Whatley Green

“I’m going to watch it as a movie not a documentary. I’m saddened that we only want see sanitized versions of history.” – Angelia Vernon Menchan


“Why is it always US boycotting OUR films? Did people forget a movie is entertainment? You don’t like it then don’t watch it but why boycott and cause the movie to suffer? We have all of those beautiful, black, talented women acting their a@&$ off but people want to shut it down. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and plan to go and see it again. #ItBeYourOwnPeople” – LaKesa Cox

“Vikings pillaged, raped, and killed other Europeans, yet, everyone loves a good Viking story. No one boycotts a good Viking story. We know our history. I say enjoy the movie for what it is, and appreciate the strength of black women. I will go and see the movie.” – SK Boon

“The hypocrisy of people especially our own in this situation is disgusting….Pulling this movie because of the past will disappoint our future.” –Zandra McCardell

“I’m going to watch it because like any other fictionalized body of work – art imitates life. If you are boycotting this movie based on history – you probably should stop watching TV.” –Jan Emanuel

“I am not calling for a boycott but I have to be honest and say I will not watch because I feel some kind of way about a movie that glorifies a vicious tribe that captured and sold the ancestors into slavery.” Eddgra Fallin

“People are so fragile. The movie is brilliant. Everything about it. It’s fiction and that’s what I took it as. Historical fiction…FICTION based on actual historical time or people. It does not glorify or justify slavery. And I loved it. Did people boycott The Last King Of Scotland? Idi Amin wasn’t exactly a nice guy. Do they boycott all these movies about gangsters and drug dealers? All the Scarfaces type movies, Boys In The Hood, etc…??? Denzel won a whole Oscar playing a murderous drug dealer. Although he was a pos, we were supposed to cheer for him I bet. They probably love The Godfather Of Harlem show, which is a highly fictious account of Bumpy Johnson and the Italian Mob. Nope. No boycott…just when it’s convenient to do so…and it just so happens to be when it’ll hurt black women.” –Mila Milagros

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