The Prelude Network™ (Prelude), the largest network of fertility clinics in North America, announces today a special Military Families Month offer through its Aspire Fertility clinics. This month-long offer gives veterans and active duty service members an opportunity to build their families through comprehensive and patient-focused fertility care led by some of the top reproductive specialists in Texas.

Historically, accessing fertility services has been limited for service members as they must meet stringent criteria set by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). While the VA recognizes that many factors contribute to infertility in both men and women, it requires a service-connected cause of infertility in order to access those benefits. Additionally, those who are aspiring single parents, are unwed or need sperm/egg donor services are denied fertility benefits through the VA.  

“Active duty service members and veterans have literally sacrificed their lives for the benefit of our country, and they shouldn’t have to face barriers when building their families,” says TJ Farnsworth, Founder and CEO of Inception Fertility, the parent company to Prelude. “Through this offer, Prelude and its Aspire clinics are honored to help them through their fertility journeys – regardless of their reasons and how they need to build that family.”

Throughout the month of November, active duty and veterans will receive a discounted diagnostics package, as well as 15% off in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle packages. Every Aspire clinic is participating in the Military Families Month offer, including Aspire Fertility Austin, Aspire Fertility Dallas, Aspire HFI in Houston, Aspire Fertility McAllen, and Aspire Fertility San Antonio.

“As a member of the United States military for almost two decades, it is an honor to be able to give back to our community and welcome deserving service members to our practices whose dream it is to have a family,” says Justin Smith, Regional Chief Operation Officer for Prelude Central Texas. “No one should face limitations in having a baby, and this special program is one-way Prelude and its Aspire clinics are recognizing – and thanking – these brave and selfless men and women for their contributions to our country.”

For those service members who are interested in learning more about Prelude’s Military Family Month offer, please visit