The island nation of Haiti is going through it. Again. A presidential assassination. A devastating earthquake. Tropical Storm Grace dumping more misery upon an already hurting people. Yet, Haiti rarely, if ever, receives any international sympathy. And the economic “support” they receive is often given out of an attitude of disdain, with some erroneously demeaning Haitians as lazy, trifling, criminal and deserving of their misery. Sound familiar? Quick history lesson: from the moment Haitians had the audacity to end their enslavement and take their freedom, the US and its euro-allies have been punishing Haiti economically and otherwise ever since. Without rehashing those details here, I’m simply going to request your prayers and support of any kind for our Haitian family. And shoutout to Naomi Osaka for pledging to donate any earnings received from the Western & Southern Open towards Haiti relief efforts.


Staff writer for The Atlantic, Adam Serwer, wrote an article and later a book entitled “The Cruelty Is the Point” describing how most Trump administration policies existed simply to inflict cruel and unusual pain on their targets (usually Blacks and other folk of color). No economic, healthcare or public safety benefits necessary. Just unapologetic, racist mistreatment. Trump and crew knew, that was exactly what his base wanted, and still want.

Even if a policy would benefit everyone in MAGA-land, they’d all vote it to hell if it meant its defeat would bring pain to the Blacks and the Browns. To them, cruelty equals strength. So, applying logic to the mask mandate bans of governors “Abbutt” and “DeSatan” is a waste of time. Citing stats about the insane number of children—CHILDREN—contracting and dying of COVID as examples of why they should welcome mask-wearing in school is a fool’s errand. They’re merely acting in ways that will gain them entrance into their master’s (Trump’s) house.


Still, there’s reason to be encouraged. When I see school superintendents and ISDs and county leaders willing to face the wrath of the governor to keep the children and professionals in their care as safe as possible, I’m encouraged. When I see judges blocking these nonsensical and idiotic moves by Trump puppets to place our babies in even more harm’s way in an already dangerous COVID Delta variant situation, I’m encouraged. When I see Texas state Dems doing everything in their power to rally the country and the White House to protect our votes, I’m encouraged.

And speaking be being encouraged, the entire Defender family sends its love and support to Lizzo who is out here doing nothing but sharing her incredible gifts and talents with the world, boldly and bodaciously, yet receiving hate for her latest video “Rumors,” being too much of this or not enough of that. Hey #Lizzo, holla if you hear me, Black woman. Be encouraged. Because when I see you, I’m encouraged.