Netflix is one of the world’s top streaming sites with thousands of movie genres to choose from.

The platform is offering up an extensive list of quality African movies and series from Nigeria all the way to South Africa.

These TOP 5 African Netflix films highlight the rich culture, beauty, and stories of Black people on the continent and the Defender is here to share a few that you should watch.

Blood and Water

This is a South African teen crime drama television series about a young girl Puleng Khumalo (played by Ama Qamata) who transfers to a private school to find her long lost sister who was abducted at birth. This movie focuses in on storylines surrounding human trafficking. It is currently in its third season.

Becoming Abi

Becoming Abi is a Nigerian sitcom series that follows the career and love life of a driven young creative in Lagos as she lands her dream job at a leading advertising agency and navigates the challenges of the corporate ladder. She battles with workplace politics, love, and betrayal. It is a very relatable movie that will certainly open doors for conversation about women and the corporate work experience.

How to Ruin Christmas

How to Ruin Christmas is a series that is coming right on time for the holidays. This is a South African Comedy series starring Busi Lurayi as Tumi, a prodigal daughter who return home for the holidays only to ruin her sister’s wedding plans. She tries to make things right before it’s too late. This summer, unfortunate news of the sudden passing of Lurayi had many fans wondering if there will be a third series and the answer is YES. Season 3 will drop on December 9th.

Savage Beauty

South Africa is coming hard with their films. Savage Beauty is a drama series that follows a woman named Zinhle Manzini, who suffered from a tragic past and is set to take revenge on a powerful family who ruined her life.


Anikulapo is a Nigerian epic fantasy film that tells the story the downfall of an man by the name of Saro, an ambitious individual who is looking for greener pastures in the Kingdom of Oyo, but event of his affair with the King’s daughter leads him spiraling down a whirlwind of events. Anikulapo in the Yoruba language means “One with death in his/her pouch.” The title says it all.

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