Message: Aswad Walker, Associate Editor - Do You Remember the Time?
Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson and Iman with John Singleton, director of the Jackson music video "Remember the Time."


Republicans are running around, acting like the child who was promised a whuppin’ for acting a fool. But as it gets later and later, they hope and pray their parents won’t remember. If you’ve ever been in that position, you already know. Parents don’t forget. And neither should we forget all the GOP folk who have for four years taken their racism, sexism, inhumanity, hypocrisy and greed to new levels.

But they’re in their rooms praying that we forget. U.S. Attorney General William Barr, the top trick in Trump’s stable, for example, just came out declaring there was no evidence of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election. We see you, Barr. Trying to act like you have a backbone now that it’s clear Trump is out.

Some GOPers are now saying they never liked Trump, attempting to distance themselves from his sinking ship. We see you. Others are acting like they have moral standards now, claiming the tweets of one of Biden’s administration nominees are just too mean. These are the same folk who have been silent for the past 12 years as Trump tweet-attacked and demeaned everyone under the sun. Especially powerful Black women.

But like Simba in the Lion King, we remember. Like Earth, Wind & Fire on the “21st night of September,” we remember. Like Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy and Iman in Michael’s video, we remember. That whuppin’ is coming!


And we’ll also remember all the pettiness from 45 and crew on their way out the door. Trump destroying spy plans U.S. allies relied on to keep Russia in check. Steve Mnuchin moving CARES Act (pandemic relief) money in a place that makes it a thousand times harder for Biden and Harris to access and get to folk in need. Millionaire congressmen showing no sense of urgency with stimulus checks, meaning more families evicted, more businesses closed, and more Americans pushed into poverty.

The Biden-Harris victory was not a punishment equal to GOP crimes. That’s why the Georgia Senate runoffs on Jan. 5 are so critical. Democratic victories in those two races punish GOPers in the most painful way — caring more for “We the People” than the 1%. For this reason, Georgia’s on my mind. And it should be on yours too!

Aswad Walker